Digital Identity Workshop – the need for interoperability

by | Mar 24, 2021 | Newsletter | 0 comments

On March 3, Peter Alexanderson, the founding architect of Sweden’s now famous BankID came to speak with EPA on a panel.  It was fascinating to hear his perspective, and his learnings from this project. 

This feeds into the project working group at Emerging Payments Association where we look at how best can Digital Identity be brought to APAC. Project Director, Rajiv Madane laid out the three main themes of the whitepaper:  

  • Existing Digital ID Models 
  • Digital ID Framework 
  • Interoperability 

Peter Alexanderson joined the workshop to provide insights into BankID in Sweden, Richard Lomas provided thoughts around the issue of interoperability and Ian Sorbello identified the main technology issues to be examined, namely: 

  1. Inspect and summarise various initiatives around the world 
  • BankID, eIDAS, Singpass, CDR, Real.Me, Aadhaar, mitID 
  • Conclusions around advantages and drawbacks of these approaches 
  • General summary on technological readiness and ‘suggested approach’ 
  • A call to action – Yes! We have the technology (mostly)