Project Open Banking Asia Pacific – Live on Feb 14, 2020

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Project Open Banking Asia Pacific was launched on to a fanfare of events, which preceded and succeeded the launch date.  The event prior were mainly focused around the joint work with APFF (Asia Pacific Financial Forum) and ABAC (APEC Business Advisory Council).  The post launch events included mainly the EPA Asia member activities (webinar, round table and EPA @Home events).

This project was a prepared and co-ordinated by a global team of over 25 people from some 10 different countries.

The findings of this report now will feed the future policy and advocacy agenda for EPA Asia, and form part of what we take to future regulator discussions in the region.  In addition it has been agreed that a POC will be prepared in conjunction with EPA Asia membership and ABAC to present as part of the July policy formulation.

The key finding area resided around Data Governance and AI, Digital Identity and Standardisation of APIs.

We also recorded the following stats :

  • 129 downloads of the report where people provided their contact information, so effectively ‘expression of interest in EPA Asia Open Banking’ permission.
  • Linkedin Main post with report embedded : 4568 Impressions, 1659 clicks (i.e. report access), 38% engagement rate, 32 re-shares
  • We held an Open Banking Webinar panel, Feb 19th  and that post received 1100+ views on linkedin.
  • In preparation for the Open Banking @Home on Feb 27th we have also seen 1100+ views on linkedin.
  • We have posted over 10 unique linkedin posts and video and all have received significant viewing and like stats.
  • 201 new followers on Linkedin group (now up to 1255 followers).  The linkedin Group is reporting 18.6k impressions in total for the past 2 week period – so that means that 18.6k appearance of information in relation to this report in some form were presented in linkedin.  Many people have reported when they linked to the report post that their own ‘hits’ rose.

The following video interview also provided some further coverage, which was posted on 3 platforms, and received several hundred views already.

Just to also re-cap on some of the highlight achievements from this work:

  • Collaboration: Global project team of 25 worked on this project, including members of APFF lead by JC Parrenas
  • Survey : A unique industry lead survey which received over 100 responses.
  • Delivery : Presentation to ABAC in Sydney on Feb 14.
  • Events : We ran or have partaken in 5 related Asia industry round table events prior to releasing this report. Key APFF workshop hosted at ASG Group on Feb 11.
  • Membership : 9 EPA Asia member project sponsors [Paypal, Wirecard, DXC, Refinitiv, Equinix, Raiz Invest, Truelayer, SWIFT and Split Payments]
  • Media : Significant coverage
  • Supplier directory – to be promoted next week in new social media push. A special note of thanks to Anurag and the work he did with ABP Partners.
  • Many expressions of interest in future partnerships and research backing, which Camilla is working on at the moment.

More details on this project can be attained from